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Climbing in Revelstoke

When I started to bolt the first sport-routes in the early nineties at Lauretta Slabs, Dean Flick instantly joined forces and also started to bolt a climb. He found a shorter crag hidden in the forest, west of the Begbie Falls. It was Bifacial Retouch. The foundation of a great climbing future was set.

Over the past years rock-climbing in the Revelstoke has grown extensively. Today climbers can enjoy 14 different climbing areas, 46 developed cliffs, 304 routes (sport and mixed) and a total of 444 great pitches. The shortest sport routes can be found at the Drive-In with 15 meters in height, while the longest climbs are The Noose and The Last Tango on the 450 vertical meter high Columbia Buttress, each route 16 pitches. Though most climbs are sport routes, there are many routes where climbers need traditional gear in addition to clipping bolts. It is no question that the Begbie Bluffs, Shaketown, Drive-In and the Blanket Creek areas are the most popular crags in Revelstoke. The climbing in these crags is less committing and the access is easy. Yes, all the other crags in the Revelstoke area are also accessible by well established trails. However, these areas are spiced by a little more adventure. At Waterworld climbing steep routes directly above the deep blue water of Lake Revelstoke is what separates Revelstoke climbing from many other rock-climbing areas. Then there are the fantastic Lauretta Slabs east of Revelstoke: superb climbing on a fantastic and steep apron and up to 7 pitch routes, as you enjoy a fantastic view to the high alpine Albert North Peak. And finally the more serious climbs on the Columbia Buttress and the Victor Lake Wall. Who would ever have believed that Revelstoke has cliffs up to 450 vertical meters with routes up to 16 pitches. You start these climbs in the deep forest and as you slowly gain elevation on the wall the valley opens and the vista becomes endless. Then there are the final pitches of these two big cliffs, steep climbing and an incredible view to the deep valley far below and to the snow covered mountains and their glaciers.

The best part about climbing in Revelstoke is not just the many routes and climbing pitches. I personally believe it is the huge variety of scenery and landscape the many different crags have to offer with routes varying from half pitch routes to 16 pitch adventures. This is what places Revelstoke climbing on the map. When it comes to climbing in Revelstoke, it is much more than only about the actual move and how hard we can go; it is also about being out there in an amazing setting while doing what we like to do most... climbing harder or easier routes and being in a great landscape with the most perfect scenery.

I am proud I live and climb in Revelstoke. It is a great. Enjoy climbing in our amazing area. Hope to meet you out there.

Ruedi Beglinger

Climbing in Revelstoke: Revelstoke rock climbing